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keep a city or any government frasa:@r protectinge health of their people. we cannot regulate the health of our people because of a federal regulation. that's ridiculous. in fact, the federal regulation is much, much more narrow than that. the second thing is the at&t argument that the issue that they're worried about is tissue warming. it's a very typical thing in industry for the industry to throw out a kind of red herring that throws you off track. the one thing we know about microwaves from experience is it does not generally warm things. the effect on the body is much more precise than that. and it really is out of respect that this body did the right thing tonight that i'm bringing that to your attention tonight. >> president chiu: are there any other speakers? please step up. >> good evening, supervisors. what a night. i feel relieved but not in any way jubilant. i wanted to give you some comment about public comment. i've stood in these chambers a number of times and watched certain supervisors chastise members of the public for how they've given their public comment a
and graenbacker greener and as we can see, our city's leadership feels the same way. we are today opening the world's first network of shared electric scooters that you can activate with your smart phone and your phone, it's not just a key to the scooters, it's really a key to the city, it brings everything in the city closer to you, it opens up new neighborhoods that you may not have gone to before and it makes the places you get to every day more fun to get to. for those of us who ride, life before scoot is sort of like life before mobile phones, once you have a short-cut to anywhere in the city in your pocket, you don't really want to go back, so we give you scoot, the world's first network of shared electric scooters and the perfect mode of transportation for the city that leads the world in what's coming next. thank you. [applause]. [applause]. >> and go giants. congratulations to them and to all of those of you wearing orange and black in the chambers. i want to thank the members of sfgov tv who are working on this committee meeting. and the clerk, ms. alisa miller. i am joined by b
for buildings outside of the plan. >> thank you, and i accept the previous arata, the city attorney, that you've haed and also the language to reflect the concern of commissioner borden. >> commissioner hillis? >> i'm supportive of that motion and the amendment, i would even want to put in parenthetical how much of that acl is related to transbay but i'm okay as it is, but just a point on why i think it's appropriate to do this when we're doing the planning, if you look at the market octavia plan where we didn't look at shadow impacts and increase the limits, we've got this odd dynamic happening where we built a park, phase green, in that plan, we contemplated development adjacent to that park in the former octavia parcels but they're not allowed to be built unless we have this joipt hearing and approve this budget, i think this makes a ton of sense to approve these limits when we're approving the plan, so the plan has some certainty in getting implemented, so i'm very supportive of the motion. >> president buell. >> i have a couple of questions and some comments. i guess the first question i
, and for exhibiting the collection. the collection, which should be, is not a city attraction. i don't know if you knew about the collection before you walked into this room, or read our report. but it's a big deal. i mean it's $90 million, 4,000 things. they do have mention of it on their website. they do have an iphone app but it's limited and incomplete and it really doesn't take advantage to show off the importance of what it is. and that's something that really should be done. and i think one can say that to some degree, even for me personally, before i joined the grand jury, the arts collection was a great city mystery. the budget for maintaining the art collection is unfortunately minimal. it's budgeted for 75,000 for maintenance of the art collection, and we learned that a good portion of that funding is used for graffiti abatement. which doesn't leave much money to sort of help to maintain the art that the city has. and that really needs to be addressed. most people in the art world have told us that we've asked, that 1% of the value of the collection is normally set aside for its mainten
on what you do. it's contractuall critically imr city. thank you on behalf of the board of supervisors and everyone in san francisco. thank you for your hard work. >> thank you. >> chairman farrell, president chiu, my name is mort rafael, and i serve as the chair of the committee that actually did the leg work to bring together the information that we will present today. i must confess, however, that due to the reason that perhaps supervisor farrell was late, i too was watching the ballgame, and an awful lot of energy has been expended on certain plays that happened that were absolutely draining. so please forgive me if my brain does not function as clearly as it should. but i'll try to at least present some of the highlights of our report, that will provide you with at least our view of what's going on. and i was particularly struck with the comment that the representative of the mayor made that progress is indeed being made in the transformation of the civil -- san francisco arts commission. we too recognize that there has been changes but indeed we find those changes at the moment t
more about the fleet week program, thank you very much, mayor lee. thank you, city and county of san francisco. and thank you all for coming out. (applause) >> (roll call). >> commissioner levitan communicated to me she's on her way, so we expect her. i'd like to call on commissioner low. >> thank you, president, it has come to my attention that our law firm has recently been retained by the transbay powers authority to represent it next with public finance matters, i'm consulted with the city attorney's office and i have a duty of disclosure to make and while there might be a question on whether a conflict of interest is present, i think it's appropriate that i make sure that there's no appearance of inpropriet and i propose that i be recuse. >> move to recuse. >> it's been moved and seconded, all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed, hearing none, it's ewe nan nows. >> thank you, commissioners and public, if i may, >> i'm sorry, commissioner sugaya? >> the firm that i work for did some historic analysis work for the tgpa for the plan, since this concerns generally shadows on parks an
for the city to move forward with and launch into the next levels of review. we will refine the project and that coordination and further project review. we hope we're here in january for the lease approval and we hope to get the construction going not long after and that's the overview. i am competing with playoff games and other things so i went quick and i am open to questions and i wanted to thank and congratulate the orden team for their contribution. i think they said this is a difficult but typical odi project. i am clear we're a typical odi counter party and i appreciate their patience in going through and learning the process they have been doing with us. thank you. >> okay. so do i have a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment? and we have one from corin woods. >> good afternoon commissioners. i am corin woods. i am a member of the central water front advisory group and have been working on the pier 70 project for 12 or 15 years so far. we have had a lot of discussions with orden development. i think they're really doing a phenomenal job of under
you you owe here in the city, having taken the oath of office to represent allm÷ people fairly in this city. and the democratic processzp] of which their elections demonstrate. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. >> hi.'jmgy my name's larry edmunds. when i ran for mayor6 got eight votes. it was larryb"[ jerome edmunds. the president was here, the first family. forward, we really need to do -- i was sitting home,sr from 2:00 to 7:00 when you took the break. you all gave me a headache innkÑ the ambassador hotel. you don't know what abuse is. you areuj=f domestic abuse, spe abuse. i went to co-op yuntd?f1xm for violence meeting and they told me -- in the house, something is like the lady who told you about going on in san francisco. i live in the tenderloin. people in san frq%pw(r)y of bayview now. you trying to kill us in these sron t hotels. there's a lot of abuse. those women who want to work on abuse andec2Ñ have san francisco become a number one city once again this city is called the talekglsç of two cities and wee seen this today. it is time for us to get back on
self contained. in other cities they are located in buildings that look like they can be designed to look like a warehouse, a barn, so they can be designed pretty much to blend in with the neighborhood. >> okay. and then my other question was this is getting technical, but i am curious to know the charge for the customer, the end user consumer for drinking water versus this recycled water what is the intention? you may not have decided the exact cost or anything like that, but what is the intention? is it two different grades? >> we have not decided that yet. that's something that will be developed as the city gets closer to produce its own recycled water, so that is still undetermined. >> undetermined. and you wouldn't have any idea at that point -- >> not more expensive than drinking water. >> but i guess the cost of recycled water and even though we're in favor of it and understand the rational would it be more expensive than regular water? you don't know the answer? >> the cost to produce it or sold at? >> you have a choice at sold at but to produce it in terms what is kn
events, symphony events including dolores park and other parts of the city. and the gift that is received by the arts commission from the san francisco symphony is in compliance with the admin code or the arts commission's ability to accept gifts under 5.100 of the city charter. so and it's our feeling that that is a great partnership and it is the gift is greatly valued and supports our general fund program including community education in our grants program so the arts commission is very grateful and we believe based on the city attorney's advisement that we are in compliance with the charter and with the law on that. >> we can certainly ask the city attorney about that if we want to in a bit. so they submit back 40% i know it's not necessarily the same pool of money. i guess the response is if they didn't do that going forward you could always ask the board of supervisors for a supplemental appropriation. sure every department could do that all the time. but i mean how does that relationship work? is it an assumed, an unspoken given that that's the dollar amount that y
-income folks in our city, so i think it's important that we not minimize the impacts that we can mitigate but in fact celebrate those and really figure out a way in which to elevate access and opportunity for our most vulnerable residents in the city and i do believe that these commissions are the stewards in evaluating those tradeoffs and it's important that both be considered but on the whole, the transportation investments, the affordable housing invests in addition to the open space investments will not only better provide an opportunity for our most vulnerable populations but also for all of san franciscans and folks in the region, so i encourage you to approve both of these items so we can realize the true benefits for san franciscans with this plan. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is richard shaffer, i'm a resident of san francisco and i'm also a member of the sheet metal workers 104. i think the project is going to have minimum impact from shadows, i thought it was really interesting when we watched the shadows moving across justin herman plaza, ho
want toéqi say that we have an obligation i think, as a city, to makeyp this proceeding is over, that regardless of whatggfqg side of this issue we're on, that we rededicate ourselves to make y/ that we educate the public about this very important issue. i think weúi to make sure thatjp(pens. and so where does that leave us. let me say that i am thankful to the ethics commission for the -- all the wod÷op that has gone into this issue. but the reality is that the role of[kx this board of supervisors is limited. we do not decide thisgrm8w case based on what has been reported in the papers based onzo0eñ the innuendo and comments that have been made. we decide this casee24ne based on the law that governance official misconduct, including. the charter provisions that control it, and based on theam1sidence presented. and if you look at the facts and aç the law, it is clear that there are two possiblel+lcm interpretations of what official misconduct and while i understand and respect the position that has been articulatedí
was anything unusual compared to anything else in the city. there was nothing in the lacy to indicate the unit was not up to code or a perfectly acceptable apartment unit. i'm not a real estate professional and though i went to college, i had to reason to believe there was anything about this unit that made it different or made the lease terms that we were about to enter into different than any other lease that i signed. this apartment, while quirky and charming is like many of the apartments we see anywhere across the city in any neighborhood, part of the fabric of the city that we all know. so in may, 2012, the ownership of the building that i rent in was changed and the owners, at that time the new owners inspected the entire building including my unit and despite the fact they are real estate professionals they at no time voiced any concern about my safety and continued to accept my rent on-going. in july of this year, i requested a repair that i had been promised many months before hand. it was the second time i made this request for a very simple and basic bit of maintenance and they s
also talk -- madam city attorney, you offer a different opinion that it attaches basically on election day. is that correct? >> yes, that's!cbgc correct. >> supervisor campos: but no and therefore it's -- that's-iuñ whatever, november, whatever it was, is when it attached, with yourl5twe understanding. >> i don't want to speak for all cases. there are cases-at where a -- te are cases where a public officialjl8wñ is reelected to te same office and there are jurisdictions that cut off there are cases where private individuals coming into office. i mean there8bát many factual scenarios. in this particular case, i certainly think that1é2@ the du- that the duty attach no later most reasonable interpretation is that it attached on election >> supervisor campos: all right. >> president chiu: thank you. colleagues, any other questions okay. at this time, why don't we hear rebuttal from mayor's counsel. there are so many things that i v basicÜ core issue that's before you. and the issue that the sheriff raises againoznmez again, and hs raised from the very beginning, is his conte$ an tha
other commission is a mayor's commission. and i'm really afraid also that this city hall is not going to so please reinstate ross mirkarimi,Ñér reinstate the dignity of the woman, reinstate the justice in san francisco. thank >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker#mj;c. >> hi. my name is jim and let me5zoñ bn by saying ross and elanea are we came to know ross as our supervisor and understood his intelligence, passion, and capacity to accomplish great things. all of us, human, and therefore noted p perfect. that brings us to the restorativei's justice issue tht ross supports, our da supports, supposedly everybody supports, theodoaç idea is that you're sud to acknowledge wrong-doing, you're supposed toúhlz apologiz, you're supposed to make amends to the injured party that are the goal is to return to societ and be fruitful and productive, and go forward. that's what we're asking5s)÷ yoo do for ross. we need him as our sheriff. obviously, from the comments eliana is very satisfied that he has made amends, and she has made it very clear how she wants this to go forward. so sin
is an attempt to politically lynch a leading proponent of== this city and working women in this city. what we're seeing in that is being carried r this town who would like to push back all the gains thatóót working people have made in this city. that's really what is on the agenda here tonight. this is a -- 7 you vote for the reinstatement of ross you're talking about defending the working people ofa&Ñ city. if you vote to uphold the commission'sñ@hú÷ report, you're really siding with the 1% to take out a leading spokesman for the progressive1s community in this town. that's what's on the agenda. that's called political violence. the 1% has nothing good in mind for women in this town. their agenda is to cut everybody's wages and the women's wages always get cut first. -so please reinstate ross. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> board of supervisors and everyone, my name is emmett powell. i've had a business in san francisco since 1972, right up the street on hayes and octavia. i'v
is frightening precedent. city attorney called the charternoá0Ñ provision nimble. well a nimble mechanism for removing a elected official is something we should you cannot adopt a broad definition of this charter provisionácÃwithout undermining democracy itself. public resources have been squandered and abused in[hÑç a undisguised attempt to demo.yy demonize sheriff mirkarimi of being a batterer to make himhÑkx into a par ryeia somehow ineligible for redemption. it is clearo0dz from reams of evidence that the december 31 incident between mirkarimi:ó lopez has been blown out of proportion. while the sheriff crossed the line he immediately're stopped when called on it by lopez. lopez must be believed and respected in thisdi+! matter that she has never felt threatened by her husband. themubty domestic violence community who perform an essential service have child for domestic violence and havewsu6y discounted andl[$:÷ marginalized eliana. the sheriff is being held accountable. this entire experienceo
among the highest in art cap ta where cities are making tough budget decisions and cutting the arts and at the state level, california is at the bottom of the 50 states in terms of funding for the arts. so to be in a city where the arts are as important to be heard here at government audit and oversight committee is a testament to the fortune we have to the commitment of arts and culture as a core value and part of the core solution over all challenges we face of the city and the celebration of the city. i think to start there i think it's a great honor to serve in my role and work on some of these challenges ahead of us. >> president farrell: just one question. san francisco does very well compared to other california cities but california does poorly to other states. the first finding we're asked to comment on is that we develop more than any other municipality in the u. s. do you know where we stand in there hasn't been a comprehensive analysis from what you've seen. >> yes. i want to clarify. we were asked to either agree, disagree partially, or disagree wholly by the instructio
. this is a challenge throughout the city in terms of our capital needs so we are similar in that regard but i think a 10 year capital plan will be a great advantage for us in terms of planning and staffing and responding to some of the recommendations you see here. so we're excited to begin that process and have the community voice involved and to help directing how the arts commission moves forward. so with that, i will go through kind of some high level responses in each of the five categories. >> quick question. it talked about civil grand jury talked about the concept or the notion of finding outside sources of funding. and stop me if you're going to already address this in your responses. but just wanted to get your temperature for it. you're new in the role or somewhat new at this point. obviously we are still from a budget perspective, challenging economic time as a city and will be in the foreseecia foreseecia. i know a lot rely certainly on outside sources. how do you view that in terms of the arts commission and your assets? >> i think that's a great question and a very astute finding in
of the city and county, i would fully agree. finding no. 10, promotion of the collection -- attraction of the city is limited. i'm going to suggest we partiallpartially disagree. it could be a lot more but i suggest with the funds that are available that the arts commission is doing what theg. and i think a lot of civil grand jury points i found in my first year and a half of the board we receive a lot of things we'd like to do but it is based upon funding and resources that we can't do everything we want so i suggest we partially disagree but that means we are partially agreeing with it. finding 13, the inventory and cataloging function is dedicated to a single staff member and two interns which is insufficient. my understanding from the arts commission is that there's actually one -- registrar, a full times collections project manager, part time collections programs associate, as well as a number of interns. so that's a different staffing factually so i suggest we disagree with that one. finding 18, that the art maintenance is more property operating than exal cost which is day-to-da
around this city as we speak, all of you are watching the film this morning together. so we really appreciate it. we laid down a challenge to oakland. oakland has now pledged to screen the film between now and october 4th and we heard from san mateo county is now pledging to show the film to kids in san mateo county. so you really started a movement in the bay area and we appreciate you being here today to see this very special film. as the united states attorney here i meet with community groups and leaders all over the bay area, all over northern california, as i said from the oregon border to monterey. certainly with in the wake of the shootings in wisconsin. i meet with arab museum people and lgbt organizations and we talk about all kinds of issues. we talk about fraud. we talk about identity theft. we talk about hate-crimes. we talk about civil rights issues. but the one thing that absolutely everybody talks about, the one thing that they care the most about, the one thing that seems to cause the most worry and the most concern and the most pain for everybody, anybody, in nor
to be a department head in the city and county of san francisco. we have learned since 2010 that we need to meet and get to know the folks that we will need to rely on in an emergency. we all know in a disaster we can't do this by ourselves. we are going to rely very heavily on our military partners. generally maya saw in 2010 that having a big party for fleet week was great, but we needed to do something more. and it was under his inspiration and leadership that we began the humanitarian assistance disaster response program. so, it's really building these relationships over the years, continuing to grow, and going from the one week event that we started with for fleet week into something that we're doing all year round. so, i'd like to thank especially my staff, rob, diana, all the people who have been working on this day and night. right now this week it's fleet week every day, every second, every minute. but next week it will be fleet week for us again starting for 2013. so, thank you very much. (applause) >> thank you. it's true, the planning cycle for fleet week is really year round. and we
transportation systems, etc. thank you. >> the cities, who's going to fix the cities and how? >> be glad to take a shot at it. >> please. >> i'm not sure that -- and i can understand if you haven't seen this because there's been a lot of hue and cry -- we passed, this year, the most farthest-looking transportation bill in the history of this country, since eisenhower started the interstate highways, $150 billion for improving the infrastructure. that happened when i was president and so i'm very proud of the way that came about and i think it's a very, very good beginning. like mr. perot, i'm concerned about the deficits, and $150 billion is a lot of money but it's awful hard to say we're going to go out and spend more money when we're trying to get the deficit down. but i would cite that as a major accomplishment. we hear all the negatives. when you're president you expect this, everybody's running against the incumbent, they can do better, everyone knows that. but here's something that we can take great pride in because it really does get to what you're talking about. our home initiative, our
much. i know there are a number of other city departments that were present before and i know we had a delayed start so i don't know who is left. but if there are folks that are left that want to come speak, we see you there. anyone, i will offer you guys the opportunity if any departments want to speak. i'd say line up like public comment but why don't you come on forward and we'd love to hear from you. thanks. >> regina, office of small business. good afternoon. i just wanted to make a note that our office was asked to respond to a recommendation that the street artists program move over to the office of small business. while in discussion with the commission in our office, we don't think it's within our purview to make a direct recommendation in terms of that, that that is a decision-making matter for either the arts commission for or the board of supervisors or for the mayor. but to state we think that should that decision be made that our office would be appropriate place for the program to land. i do, one, because these are, as noted in the grand jury's report, these are indivi
veryuu/q hard, very hard to get where he is right now. he's done great thingsb)ha 91juu know, city hall. now he has great past for being ayjó5í sheriff. take him away because of that? i mean did he beat his wife? did hiswnufy wife call 911? did they have a big fight? he grab his wife to stop and i'm married. these things happen. would i like; be irresponsible0r)és because -- responsible person because i do that? no. because this is not what he does as a sheriff. he does apam) lot more. he has done so much for san francisco. hard, for every minority, for him anymore. my son, who is going to be a lawyer soon, and he'sf disappointed. this is about justice. it's about doing the right thing. america. we don't want to see these things inlâsx america. if it was seen in iran i would say okay, these things happen. buÓb in america sometimes you be so unfair to me is noto&fo] fai. >> presiujqc"chiu: because there are so many folks in the room we have a board rule in the chamber thatíjé prohibits expression of support or opposition to statements. i'd like to ask you to respect to delay the
of the city and county of san fraqtf=9ñ because after you vote, the vote you[ék< ramifications. and the person that's=?g;d been appointed to replace our suspended sheriff, who we votedç+:j÷ for is not adequate to carry the heavy 444úon of caring about immigrants as ross was elected to do. so please do us allh0c+ a service, and care about the voters&abpo here, because your vote matters just like theirs did. thank you. j %9q thank you. >>kpg>z good evening, honorable members of the board. thank you for youré4%'j indulgence. and i'm not going to preach to you but i am assuming you're all saints and you've never been guilty of any minor infraction. so i appeal to your conscience. i'm not going to talk about mr. mirkarimi because you already know him, and you know what he's all about. this is not about domestic violence. it's about political moves on your part. you're ganging up against him because you want to show the mayor you are on his¢)yx side. please, i appeal to your conscious, to be#z÷áÑ free-thinkers, and f
findings under ceqa, can someone tell me where those findings are written. >> john from the city attorney's office, in the agenda, there are two different sets of ceqa findings that are mentioned. there's one set of ceqa findings associated with a joint action which is to change the budgets, those are the ceqa findings that the planning commission adopted in may of this year as part of the transit center district plan. those are the same findings, so you're incorporating those by reference. the second set of ceqa findings that are mentioned are for the rec and park action only. those are unique to the transit center tower where -- that would be the first action, ceqa triggering action with regard to that project so that has a distinct set of findings. >> and will those findings come before us when we approve the tower, or is that strictly a rec park action? >> absolutely. there's a similar version, the one that recreation and park has today is tailored to that particular commission. you will have your own distinct set of findings, i believe the hearing is for next week. >> thank you. >> c
as they went along, the ethics commission appears to have vield the city charter themselves by chersing an authority not;%.f-3 granted by the charter. they do not have my authority to take away my vote. reinstate -state wúw wj4(p&c"p% >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you. my name is author murillo. good afternoon, mr. president and honorable members of the board of supervisors. what i would like to do is offer a lens through which to view this situation. you've heard from many citizens that there's been unequal why is that? is this political? perhaps )]'s another reason. as someone who studied they have on people of color, and how they'ref9s0w viewed, it that there's a relationship betweentjfxx stereotypes, preju, and discrimination. stereotypes is the firste;fáw s. so we have a gentleman here that is being perceived asvhfvg very violent, when in fact he is not. but yet the4#3( stereotype pers. he's also male. we have a fire chief yet she's a woman and she was not a person of color, so we view3"q+ her behavior differen. if we go forward with that, then
those statistics. city services may have been cut back, but the city's homicide rates continue to move forward. ">>>thirty six people have been killed so far in san jose this year, last year the total was 39. the city is on pace to break its own 15 year homicide record, with only three months left in the year. s-j-s-u alumni, wilson kong, says the campus community is heavily affected by crime around the city because of its location and the lack of city services. wilson kong: "last year i graduated and i lived in downtown san jose, by 11th and reed. that's when the cops were being pulled out of the city and that's when the city laid off a lot of cops." kong was good friends with s-j-s-u student kristina pandula, who was murdered in a double homicide in october of last year. the number of patrol officers in the streets of san jose has been cut back, the latest killing shattered san jose's six-week relief from violence that followed a deadly eleven day stretch of homicides. jason dwyer: "these numbers, they jump around quite a bit. so you've got homicides, you've got auto-thefts; you've g
him become the sheriff that we need him to be for the city and county of san francisco. all of those who have done wrong, you know if you vote] fy against him, and not let him come into being the sheriff, and you know you've done wrong, no man or no woman has lived in this life and haven't done wrong. give this man his job back, you have taken too much from him already. him, they say two -- three out of twodx/ peos voted to remove him. who are the three because they didn't come and ask me/#u;ñ any. are you scared to come to hunter's point? speaker. >> hi. my name is -- i'm here to support ross and his family. two years ago, i met ross and and a neighbor, who every older personçfnfñ or young person in neighborhood, he's befriended everyone thatqawát come across. and he's a very nice man. and i come here personally to tell you that80j6 he's a great, and his family has suffered a so you know he has been with you, he has walked with you, hr been a great man as a supervisor, and he has/)-86 been elected to be a goodtdz sheriff. so tonight i come here -- i ask you to please-<.: rest
, the voters ofubm san francisco included in our city constitution a process for the removal of public officials based on official misconduct the process that we must engage in tonight. these are the difficul46o+2a decisions that we were all elected to make. the ethics commission found in unanimous findings that our]ó2w sheriff committed acts of verbal and physical abuse against his wife restrained his wife and vield her personal liberty pled guilty to the charge of false imprisonment and was civiliansed to three years of probation in our jurisdiction required to go through a year of domestic counseling and pay a fine for domestic violence. the question in front of us as we know is whether thesÍz áeá conduct on december 31 of last year constituted officialtuu)w misconduct. and having reviewed the entire record, it's very difficult for me to come torv+v any other conclusion except to sustain the charges. i have three points i want to make in this regard. first of all they. official duties of sheriff includes not just the
of a department by 3 members. to my left is deputy city attorney robert brian, at the controls tt board assistant, victor pacheco. we're also joined this evening by representatives of the city department that is have cases before the board, scott sanchez is here, he's the zoning administrator also representing the planning department and planning commission, also joined by planning staffer tim fry and joseph duffy is here, senior building inspector, who is representing the department of building inspection. at this time, mr. pacheco, if you could go over the board guidelines. >> the board requests all cell phones and pagers be turned off so they will not disturb the proceedings. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board's rules of presentation are as follows: appellants each has 7 minutes to present their cases and 3 minutes for rebuttals. people included in these parties must include their comments within the 7 or 3 minute periods. members of the public who are not affiliated with the parties have up to 3 minutes to address the board but no rebuttals. to assure the board with a
to the city in order to avoid additional transportation costs for towing as well as the public access, needed to be on or near a public transit for public access, it needed to have appropriate zoning such as m-1 or m2, and it needed to have an existing structure in good condition of about 200 thousand square feet for towing and storing of towed cars as well as for other uses and an appropriate neighborhood that would accept car towed movement and storage, as well as acceptable environmental conditions to avoid significant remediation, time and cost. so, looking out there in the real world and the properties that we've looked at, there are some properties where owners don't want to sell or are reluctant to sell and it could take an imminent main process which would be very time consuming and costly, one example is a 12 to 13 acre property owned by the goodman family, they've verbally said, they might be interested in the 45 million dollar range for the land and that's quite expensive, in addition, we would need to build the warehouses, demolish the current warehouses xh have businesses, small
at city hall. >> commissioner, mendoza. >> thank you. and i wanted to add, kind of my perspective on this as well. a lot of the conversation also and the presentations from the city acknowledged that this is not just a school district issue. but that this really was a city-wide issue that we needed to address jointly and collectively, and so that was really important. i think to acknowledge. and with regards to the memorandum of understanding, and also, we had talked about this mou, just a few months ago with the chief. and so the work hasn't quite started in terms of reviewing a former mou and trying to bring that altogether. but it was really great to hear the voice of the youth because there is some really challenging issues and i think that one of the things that we want to make sure that we do is include the youth in that memorandum when it does come through. >> could i ask that for the audience, when we reach a certain mou, can somebody say something about what it is? >> mou is a memorandum of understanding so it is an agreement between both parties. >> in this case to do wh
the city host a super bowl in the not-too-distant future. also new details about friday night's boat rescue in san francisco bay. the owner of the boat tells abc7 news exactly what happened. >> if they do reopen it, i bet a lot of kids would be very, very happy. >> and the fight to rebuild a dirt-filled swimming pool in the east bay. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread? here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> we're now learning more about what happened on the party boat from ran aground and began sinking friday night in san francisco bay. twenty-two people had to be rescued after the accident near alcatraz. abc news reporter nick smith caught up with the owner of the boat. >> reporter: take a l
remain outside the city limits, almost all the support organizations for these companies such as their legal, their accounting, their advertising are located in san francisco and of course this would be another opportunity for more of a presence of companies where their workforce is, so those are some of the benefits but i think in terms of the shadows, clearly the staff has done a magnificent job of presenting how demin mouse the shadow increases are and how the increase in new sunlight from the benefits of the plan will more than mitigate any increases. >> commissioner harrison? >> first of all, i would like to commend the committee for doing the work, the staff doing the work on this thing, showing the human beings out there with what with what they're doing in the like has a potential use son some of the parks, i think that's extraordinary work and thank you very much for that work. secondly, as mentioned in jeff's report about the six new parks that are being built down there or that are intended to be built, i'm very concerned and hope that when these discussions ta
are on touched by violence. our correspondent has been to one such city. >> another day dawns on the mediterranean. the only fighting on this part of the syrian coast is between friends on that jet skis. welcome. it is long a place of holiday for syrians. now they are coming here in search of refuge. on the streets here, there is an eased you do not find many places anymore. i arranged to meet a group of students at a popular cafe. the come from syria felt many ethnic and religious groups -- they come from syria from many ethnic and religious groups. but there is no attention around this table. these friends call themselves one big family. it is hard to believe war is raging about an hour's drive away. >> it is a fantastic place. i like my town. >> what do you think about them saying it is too dangerous to come to syria? >> no, no. you can stay in this place. no, nothing. >> nothing happens. there is no problem here. may be like -- they say there is a problem in damascus, for example. not all of damascus. one area. not the whole city. >> it is not just the optimism of use. a f
lost is too many. five is unconscionable. we are here in the community canvassing the entire city of baltimore. we have our firefighters from every fire station, engine and fire truck on ground going to the immediate communities door- to-door checking with residents to make certain they have working smoke alarms. >> reporter: as firefighters install smoke alarms in resident's homes near the devastating fire residents are appreciative. >> it is a good move. they have been here all day on saturday. >> reporter: residents are in shock of the devastating loss in the community. she came by to pay respects. >> i heard about the terrible fire and tragedy that happened here. it touched my heart. i have children and grandchildren. i just wanted to leave something here to let them know that i'm praying for them all. >> reporter: for those city residents in need of a smoke detector call 311. >> find has been set up to help the family. it will take them time and money to get back on their feet. you can donate at any bank of america branch to the funeral association. >>> developing story tonig
reeinded of lately in baltimore city. policeesay around 3:30 this morning... a female sedan possiile robbery on swann investigators say sheedropped off three riders... one male them shot her in the chest. &pand just two weeks ago... &panother woman... investigator believe was a sedan driver... was shot in the upper ody in cherry hilll deteetives say -& them someooe she picked up.... shot her. 3113 it's sad you know like sooebody trying tt trying to dooyoor job 24nats 19:25 here is a map oo the baltimore city 27but keeping drivers safe...is smething ali asgari wooks at every day. 1946 it says he's at harford road and 25th street 50his pnnluding deonn.. uues g-p-s - drivers t every turn. 1408 if trouble,,we can teel the policc where they're oing 11 butt butttbutt 1413 two instances we ggt them becauue they took the phone ith them and they the phone traced them back to their ouse 19but even with thh best technology... deon sayy the key is to always be trust your instinct 53 myranda: the victtm in thiss latest incident wasstaken to an area hospittl bb medic. at last check... she w
. >> i have been an orioles fan as long as i can remember. >> i want them to know the city has their back, win or lose. they did a good job this year. >> it is their way of saying thank you to the team after making baseball relevant again in baltimore, by bringing back post season play after a 15-year drought. >> people were staying up late for the extra innings. it was really exciting. it was the best feeling in the world. >> the orioles trip ended friday night after a 3-1 lost to the yankees in a do-or-die game in new york. despite the disappointing loss -- >> [cheering] >> hundreds of fans lined camden yard to welcome the orioles back. fans packed popular restaurants and bars. bar manager say the orioles' winning season was a home run for their bottom line. >> we are very thankful for the extra revenue. it is something where again we would not normally have this opportunity. it only builds more excitement and more interest for opening day next april. >> and i will make a point to deliver this thank you card to the orioles' organization. fans are hoping that camden yard next year will b
to sway the nfl into letting the city host a super bowl in the not-too-distant future you are. also new details about friday night's boat rescue in san francisco bay. the oner of the boat tells abc7 news just what happened. >> if theyydo reopen this pool, i betcha a lot of kids will be very, very happy. >> and the kids fight to rebuild a dirt-filled pool in >> we are learning more about what happened on a party boat that ran aground and began sinking friday night in san francisco bay. 22 people had to be rescued after the accident near alcatraz. abc7 news reporter nick smith caught up with the owner of the boat. >> reporter: take a look at this video just obtained by abc7 news. these hair-raising moments captured at 22 people had to be rescued from a dining boat in the san francisco bay. they were enjoying a bachelor party when their boat hit rocks near alcatraz island and immediately started taking on water and sinking. >> the gear was working great, in my opinion the crew was in tip-top shape. >> melissa and her family started the business, wine tasting on the bay, in march. >> we wer
-- and they will be meeting for the town hall style debate in new york city next week >> as a reminder go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> this nice warm up for the bay area. mid 70's. and even better. tonight mostly clear skies. increasing clouds and then another nice day expected. tomorrow morning some fog along the coast and the bay. by the afternoon of that fog will return to the coast with sunny and even warmer. with a few degrees warmer than what we saw today. with your extended forecast that warming trend will continue for the week with exactly what we can expect with even 90's. first, by 10:00 a.m. fog along the coast. by noon, from santa rosa all the way to livermore. and even over the golden gate from san to the golden gate and san francisco. with mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures for tomorrow. along the coast, less sunshine but that fog is expected to stay for the afternoon. tomorrows highs are going to be nice and sunny. 77 degrees in redwood city. 80s and su
shuttle show continues to wow spectators in los angeles. it's being moved along tight city streets to its new home at the california science center and these are live pictures near bald win hills a los angeles suburb where the endeavour is now running some three hours behind schedule. the truck is being hampered by the many obstacles along the road from trees to power lines to buildings. but you can see there are still crowds lining the streets. cbs reporter louie is a hodge on the intricate maneuvering required. >> like a kid in a candy store. >> i to see it going down the middle of the city street in los angeles. >> reporter: as soon as the shuttle endeavour appeared along neighborhood streets the excitement erupted. >> it's really awesome and i'm kind of like oh my god. >> right there the wing is so close. >> reporter: but authorities are actually pushing back onlookers who are trying to reach up and touch it. crews lifted branches to avoid the wing's touch and you can see balconies filled with people reaching out. but while the closeness may be thrilling for the onlookers it also pres
want to see it going down the middle of the city street in los angeles. >> reporter: as soon as the shuttle endeavour appeared along neighborhood streets, the excitement erupted. >> really awesome and it's kind of like ohmy god. >> right there. >> where? >> the wing so close that authorities are actually pushing back onlookers who are trying to reach up and touch it. >> reporter: crews lifted branches to avoid the wing's touch and you can see balconies filled with people reaching out. but while the closeness may be thrilling for these onlookers, it also presented challenges. the shuttle's wing got stuck behind this tree at 83rd street and needed to do a reverse maneuver to go around it. minutes before the shuttle's arrival, street signs were moved. trees were clipped and power lines repositioned. but with inches to spare, the shuttle managed to squeeze on by. >> oh that's wonderful. it just missed the pole by an inch. >> i was not prepared on how big it actually is going to be. it really is blowing me away. >> it is absolutely out of this world. >> reporter: but this is last
to the case law, you can look to the norms of the city, the morass of the city. i think that it is, at bottom, a judgment call. there have been times, 50 years ago, when a sheriff committing a little arm grab truly would have been no big deal, right? the severity, the understood severity of that conduct has changed over time. and it may change again. i don't know. but there is no hard and fast, where you can look it up -- >> supervisor kim: and i appreciate your answer, but does that open us up to the vagueness issue, which may make that clause then unconstitutional because then a person may not reasonably be able to predict when their behavior is official misconduct or not? >> no. the courts -- when the courts have looked at the vagueness issue, they have not focused on the separate question that you're posing right now which is how do you know when the misconduct is severe enough to warrant the sanction. >> supervisor kim: i'm not saying that it's severe enough. you're saying we're supposed to use our judgment in determining when -- if it meets the relationship test, whether it falls below
of glean from the eir information and city park is 5 and a half acres, it is the size of union square and south park combined, it will generally be a very sunny park, it has some low buildings, [inaudible] on the south side, a few taller buildings that will be built, but it would be the misleading -- middle of the day, fully or almost entirely in sun between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. generally all times of the year, you can see it's at least probably 2/3 in sun, again, in the spring, fall and summer and in december, you can see 3:00, it's entirely in the sun at 11:00 and 1:00, it's probably 40 or 50% in the sun even in the dense downtown environment. transbay park which is a one acre thark that will be created on the site of the transbay terminal was conceived of and the whole development program for the public parcels around it was crafted with sun, midday sun in mind, so you can see these are a couple of graphics from the transbay redevelopment plan, the heights on all the public parcels were crafted by the redevelopment agency and the planning department to preserve midday sun for most o
in the city that end in golden gate park. >> all the runners are going behind you. hi, lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. there are thousands and thousands of runners out here. 20,000. they are taking off over here pore the nike women's largest marathon in the world with 25,000 runners who woke up early this morning. got on the race gear to run a half marathon or marathon and these go to the lymphoma society. olympic mad delist, she is out here running a half marathon. she will be celebrating her 40th birthday out here with a healthy start. you can see the runners taking to the streets. they are decked out in the running gear and it is a pretty course and starts in union square and that is all around downtown san francisco. you can see people with signs out here. with the cellphones and taking video. music is loud out here. there is a time clock that says we are three minutes. 22 seconds right now and that's the start over there. it is supposed to be nike town where they started this race. it is 26.2 miles like any marathon. and run a half marathon. >> you want to keep in mind. w
historic. >> the fans reaction on an amazing season for the orioles. >> the mayor and city comptroller are back at it again. the latest in the new phone system controversy. >> and a look at the space shuttle endeavour creeping through the streets of los angeles. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> i'm lisa robinson. >> i'm jennifer franciotti. a check outside with tony. warmer today than it was yesterday. >> we will make it into the 70's this afternoon. yesterday, the high was 58, 59. quite a difference today. if you're going to the ravens game, you picked a good one. it's 48 degrees right now, significantly warmer than it was yesterday at this time. as we go into the afternoon, wind will pick up out of the southwest. a mix of sun and clouds, high temperatures a range between 69 and 74 degrees. rain possible to start the week tomorrow. we will talk about that in a few minutes. stay with us. >> looking at the news making headlines this morning. a man has died and another recovering after a shooting after
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